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Planning a project ? Think about how we can appreciate our lungs this year and how trees are related to overall health. Tree projects will be given priority for our grants this year. So download application and let us know how you can contribute to our earths lungs.

Lungs of the World

Garden Club Fundraiser Plant Sale Schryver Park

Time to plan for your horticultural project


Answer; Ten years ago !

Quiz; When is the best time to plant trees ?

Manitou Springs now has a Tree Planting resolution!

2019 Plant Sale This Month !

Once again the Manitou Springs Garden Club will be having our annual Plant Sale and fundraiser for local Horticultural projects. Our Grant Application can be downloaded filled out and mailed to us but remember selections are made at our May meeting so hurry or start planning for your next years project!  Memorial Day Weekend on Saturday the 25th we hope will be pleasant enough to pick up our handpicked and home grown selections appropriate for our local climate. The Pollinator Project Folks will be joining us again to promote those plants and projects to support our very important pollinators such as butterfly’s and bees.

           Mark your calendars now, so you don’t miss it!

                                 Plants go fast, so get there early for the best selection!

2016 Penny Pines Memorial Gift of Trees

PP Wilbur








Mark Your Calendars!

Our annual plant sale is only weeks away!

This year we will have loads of veggies, herbs, annuals and perennials! If you love gardening and growing your own food, you don’t want to miss our sale.




Welcome to the best little garden club in Manitou Springs!

If you love gardening, or want to learn how to garden organically, you’ve come to the right place! The Manitou Springs Garden Club is a small, but very active little club located on the west side of Colorado Springs in the historic town of Manitou Springs, Colorado

We always welcome new members. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner, or perhaps you have just move to our lovely state and need to learn how to garden in high altitude! Please join us each month as we enjoy some social time together and a montly guest speaker who informs us on the latest gardening trends, local issues or just fun things like doing a craft project!

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